Privacy Policy

We thank you for visiting our website. We have put in place a privacy policy that explains to our customers how we use their personal information. Once using our website, we believe you have read the privacy policy and agreed to the regulations stated within this section.

At Braggs Clothing Ltd we do not misuse customer information and also do not to disclose information to third parties. The information supplied by customers is used solely for fulfilling the order requirements.

On this website we use cookies when the consumers ‘create an account’ on the top right of the page to store details, such as name and address etc. Also cookies are used whilst items are added to the shopping cart to keep track of the items. Furthermore, we keep track of your ‘order history’ and also consumers can add favourite items for their next purchase to ‘wish list’. In addition customers may wish to add a ‘review’ for any of the items.  


Braggs Clothing Ltd:

  1. Data that is gathered is to complete consumers orders
  2. We only disclose information to relevant third parties for delivery of goods
  3. Improve the website and any requests made by customers for their orders/ services


(Note: The privacy policy is set for this website only. If you navigate to other links, please read their policies).